Untitled Goose Game Review – Saved By The Bell

Untitled Goose Game–a game in which you play as a jerk goose who waddles through a small English town ruining everyone’s day– feels like a miniature version of Hitman, but with mischief instead of murder. Like those games, it’s all about learning an environment inside-out and figuring out how to […]

The Surge 2 Review – Out On A Limb

Up a short flight of stairs and down an alleyway from the initial hub of the first major area in The Surge 2 is a door that can only be opened from the other side. Roughly a dozen hours later you will find yourself standing on the other side of […]

Code Vein Review – There Will Be Blood

Code Vein establishes its own identity from the outset. It may latch onto a Dark Souls formula that has come to define a generation of action-RPGs, but Bandai Namco’s latest manages to set itself apart from the rest by presenting a post-apocalyptic world filled with what are essentially anime vampires. […]

80 Days Review – A Man And His Fogg

To venture around the globe on the whim of a wager is an exciting premise, but it is truly the stories you uncover along the way, rather than the end goal that make 80 Days a delight to play. It’s a narrative adventure where you take the role of Passepartout, […]

Neo Cab Review – Driver Score

You spend almost all your time in Neo Cab sat behind the wheel of a cab, but as a player, you never get to steer it. Instead of choosing routes and getting to destinations quickly, you’re deciding which passengers to pick up and how you’re going to talk to them. […]