Day: November 1, 2019

How to create a data backup plan using AWS Backup

Secure backup of vital data is a necessity in business. With cloud computing services like AWS Backup, businesses can contract for fast, reliable backup services on an as-needed basis. Image: RaStudio, Getty Images/iStockphoto For the average modern business enterprise, operating in a highly competitive environment, procedures to securely and quickly […]

Celebrating “Mundane Halloween” in Japan · Global Voices

“Man awakened at 3AM by a nosebleed” costume, part of Japan’s annual Mundane Halloween event. Screencap from YouTube. Since 2017, an event called “Mundane Halloween” ( 地味ハロウィン, “sober”, “plain”, “boring” or “mundane” Halloween) has become an October tradition in Japan. Participants dress up in plain outfits that are intended to be […]