Day: October 4, 2019

Amazon Echo: Cheat sheet – TechRepublic

Amazon’s smart speaker dominance may be facing a challenge from Google, but the Echo line is still on top. Find out all you need to know about Amazon Echo IoT devices. Amazon’s Echo, Alexa parade: What it all means Here are Larry Dignan’s key takeaways from Amazon’s 2019 hardware event […]

How to become an Alexa developer: A cheat sheet

Alexa has evolved beyond the Amazon Echo into one of the hottest and most ubiquitous platforms in tech. Learn how developers and businesses can leverage the technology. What you need to know to become an Alexa developer Interested in developing voice-activated Skills for Alexa? Here’s what you need to know […]

Neo Cab Review – Taxicab Confessions

It’s perfectly reasonable to be wary of the future. Nationalism is on the rise, an economic recession is brewing, and the specter of climate change looms. Another potentially devastating development is the increasing prospect of automation. Great for businesses, but devastating for the job market. One such career that would […]